About GlutenFree Days

As a self-proclaimed foodie, giving up anything with gluten was always out of the question. I love bread, but I have also said that bread is the root of evil. But I was willing to dance with evil, literally. 

I have always said that changing my food lifestyle would need to be desperate measure. Well knee pain from what is called "runner's knee" and arthritis led to that desperate measure.

I read an article about The Ultra Simple Diet which offers a seven day cleanse of toxins in the body and discover what makes you feel sick. On this diet you must remove citrus, night shades, red meat, gluten, all sugar from your diet. Easy part was red meat as I had given up red meat 6 years prior. Being gluten-free was more of challege.The Ultra Simple Diet also provides a recipe for an anti-inflammatory smoothie with flax seed oil, ground flaxseed, rice protein, and berry fruits.

 After the seven day cleanses and 4 weeks of drinking the smoothie and being gluten-free, I was experiencing less knee pain when doing physical activity. I also noticed I was less bloated in the abdomen. So gluten-free is for defintitey the way to go for me.

By visiting glutenfreedays.com you can discover better ways to live glutenfree and enjoy food everywhere. 

Live Happy and Gluten-Free

Shakira B.