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The 4-Week Gluten-Free & Gorgeous Detox Program   by Danyelle Demchock

My Life Was Completely Destroyed...

I was completely falling a part...a mess.

I was exhausted all of the time. I had been a professional dancer, and my career came to an abrupt halt because I could no longer make it through 1/2 a class let alone 1 about embarrassing. At the height of my career, at 27 years old, I had to stop because my energy got so low that I had a difficult making it up and down stairs.

I was depressed because everything I had been so passionate about I could no longer pursue because of the state of my health. To even make things worse, my digestive problems became more debilitating. And I had gained 10 pounds that I could not get rid of no matter what I did.

When I went to see my doctor, she said, “Take a couple weeks off of work, I think you are chronically fatigue.


The doctor could give me no answers and told me to rest...I was 27 living in NYC with a huge amount of bills and rent (crazy amount for a shoe box). How was I going to take time off and still pay the bills?

I cut back in the amount of dancing I was doing, and started taking cabs to my other job, to reduce the amount of stress I put on my body. I still felt like hell!

But the fact was, that the extra 10lbs, being totally exhausted, and being bloated all the time ended my career. Everyone knows that you can’t get work as an exhausted, chubby dancer.

The thing is...I was always good in school. I knew I could have another career...but between the depression, exhaustion, digestive issues, and just seemed like an uphill battle that I couldn’t handle.

I felt sad, frustrated, and confused about where my life was going. There were many nights of endless tears.

And it seemed like there was nobody who could help me. I tried doctor and after doctor...none of them knew...I went from GP, Gastroenterologist, Endocrinologist, Naturopathic Doctors...and my life just kept spirally down and down.

But then there was HOPE...

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, resolved that this is just “how my life is going to be” the breakthrough finally came...

I met the most amazing chiropractor and nutritionist that helped me realize that there was something wrong, and that I could feel better again...They got to the root problem of my failing health...

...He told me that I was gluten intolerant and that if I were to continue to eat gluten that I would not get better, I would always have feelings of depression, my moodiness and irritability would persist, and my glands in my throat would continue to swell.

I was excited and completely devastated because I was a gluten-addict. I couldn’t imagine a minute, let alone a day without a piece of bread, cracker, or pasta.

However, I needed to find a way to go gluten-free and still feel completely satisfied, and not TOTALLY ostracized and deprived!

After trial and error, of going on and off gluten...fooling myself that it was not the problem...I committed to going gluten-free forever!

This is where it got real exciting because now it was a game to me. Was I up for the challenge that would change my life forever?

This is the pivotal moment when something clicked

I “Got it” and began having consistent success at staying gluten-free without being tempted and dragged back in by the seat of my pants into the vicious gluten addictive cycle.

About the Author
My name is Danyelle Demchock and I'm a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach who specializes helping women break the bars that keep them trapped in their gluten addiction with a step-by-step proven system, that is safe, healthy, creates long-lasting results, and is super-dooper effective.

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