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Frequently Asked Question about LivingGluten-Free eating, drinking and buying gluten-free products at restaurants, grocery, warehouse and convenience stores:

Q. Any tips for eating gluten-free at restaurants?

Check out these great tips from gluten-free friends:

I wouldn't eat out unless I had previously researched gluten free restaurants in your area and called them for specific info first. The you know what you are getting and no unpleasant last minute surprises. But it is worth it--I went mostly gluten free 30+ yrs ago and now over 50 I am the only one in my family without arthritis...I am swing dancing!!!
In joy,

- Dr. Linne Bourget MA MBA PhD

 Hi there - My wife has a gluten intolerance as well as a niacin intolerance and we have had to be very creative about our diet at home and especially when eating out. Here is a link to a site called "Urban Spoon" that lists the best gluten free restaurants in various cities. This link is for Seattle where I live.

- Mac McQuade

Gluten-Free Foods

Q. Is there Gluten in Pepsi Soda?

A. The Pepsi- Cola Company said there is no gluten in any carbonated soft drink produced by the company in North America. The caramel color used in Pepsi beverages is not derived from wheat, oats,barley, rye, spelt or triticale, the company said.*

Q. Are Stonyfield Farm yogurts gluten-free?

A. All of our yogurts, smoothies, and soy- yogurts— except for our YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal, YoKids Squeezers, Oikos Greek Yogurt, and frozen yogurt— are certified gluten- free by the Gluten- FreeCertification Organization (GFCO). *

Q. Is vinegar glutenfree?

A. Distillation is a process that effectively removes the gluten protein even if wheat is used. Consequently, distilled vinegar made from wheat is gluten free.However, most vinegar is not made from wheat. Apple, corn, grape and rice sugars are the most frequently used sources. The bottom line is that all distilled vinegars are safe on the gluten- free diet so you don’t have to worry about the source being listed on the label.*

Q. Does vanilla and vanilla extract contain gluten?

A. Distilled alcohol, like distilled vinegar,is gluten free. So vanilla and vanilla extract are gluten-free.*

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Q. What is gluten-free and safe to drink from a convenience store?

A. Nantucket Nectars are always a good standby for a more natural choice. The cleanest beverge they produce is the 100% Pressed Apple Juice. Ingredients only shows pressed apples!

Q. Can I buy cheap store brand beverages and be gluten-free?

A. Definitely, just check your labels! Wal-mart's Great Value brand lemonade which comes a giant jug is labeled as "naturally gluten-free."

Q. Is "I Can't Believe its Not Butter" gluten-free?

A. Yes -it is labeled gluten-free. And it really is a great butter substitute.

Q. Is there anything gluten-free at Mc Donalds?

A. As of July 2010, the yogurt Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana smoothies are made with gluten-free ingredients and are safe folks with no dairy allergies. I got a smoothie and a McDonald's side salad (no meat- the chicken is flavored wheat-based beef broth) with Newman's Own dressing which is gluten-free. Click here to read McDonald's nutrtion menu.

Q. Is it true McDonald's fries are gluten-free?

A. According to the McDonald's nutrition menu - the world famous fries are NOT gluten-free, much to our chagrin.

Q. Is Rita's Italian ice gluten-free?

Good news, can enjoy Rita's regular fruit ice for the most part is gluten-free (stay away from cream ice with cookies and such.) If you don't have a dairy allergy - the custard is okay but check the ingredients.

Q. Is Chipotle Mexican Gluten-Free?

A. According to the manager at a local Chipotle Mexican Grill, everything except the flour tortillas are gluten-free.  Have  a burrito bowl at Chipotle and you are golden.



 *source - Gluten Free Living Magazine

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