Celiac Disease – Celiac Disease Diet

The celiac disease diet is usually made by not consuming gluten containing foods. The celiac diet prevents damage to the intestines and symptoms such as stomach pain.

Celiac Disease Diet

People with celiac disease should stay away from gluten containing foods for the rest of their lives. These people may face serious health problems if they continue to eat gluten. Celiac patients should definitely consult a doctor. Your doctor can help you diet. After starting a gluten free diet, your complaints will be treated within a few weeks. It may take up to 2 years for your digestive system to fully recover.

What Is the Celiac Disease Diet?

People diagnosed with celiac disease can seek help from a dietitian to start gluten free days. A dietitian can provide you with all kinds of support to ensure that the foods you need to consume are balanced. Individuals on a celiac disease diet should avoid foods such as wheat, rye, barley and semolina. Even if you consume just one scoop of gluten free pasta, troubling issues can arise. If you continue to consume gluten regularly, your risk of developing cancer increases.

Many staple foods such as potatoes, cheese, vegetables, meat do not contain gluten. In addition, gluten free foods are widely available in grocery stores. Your dietitian can tell you which foods are safe and which are unsafe.

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How Is The Celiac Disease Diet Made?

What foods should people on the Celiac Disease Diet consume? People with celiac disease need to go gluten free days. Because gluten significantly affects the health of these people. The list of gluten free foods is as follows;

– Meat and fish do not contain gluten. Therefore, it can be consumed comfortably.

– Many dairy products such as cheese, milk and butter do not contain gluten.

– Potato, soy and corn flours are known as gluten free flours. People who want to make pastry recipes can use these flours.

– Rice and rice noodles

– Fruits and vegetables


Many packaged foods today contain gluten. You should definitely check the label of the food you buy. Cross contamination can occur even if gluten containing foods and gluten free foods are prepared in the same container. People on a celiac disease diet should prepare special foods for themselves. These people may have some difficulties at first, but they can keep up with the celiac diet in the future.

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