Can Women Diagnosed with Celiac Disease Smoke Cigarette?

Can women diagnosed with celiac disease smoke Cigarette? People diagnosed with celiac disease can smoke, but these people must meet certain conditions. You can find the questions about celiac disease in the rest of our article.

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a type of disease that can usually be controlled through diet. People diagnosed with celiac can avoid the side effects of the disease by staying away from gluten containing foods throughout their lives. Celiac disease can be controlled with the help of medications; These drugs strengthen the body of people and make them more resistant to disease.

How Is Celiac Disease Diagnosed?

Treatment of celiac disease is often related to diagnosis. Because it is difficult to diagnose this disease, sometimes it can even be misdiagnosed. With the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment process starts and everything becomes more difficult. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, the first thing to do is to eliminate gluten from your life. If intestinal problems persist despite diet, cortisone treatment is applied.

All celiac patients are treated with a strict diet program. A lifestyle consisting of gluten-containing foods will no longer exist. In some patients, celiac disease can be controlled only with cortisone therapy. While cortisone treatment lasts for a few weeks, diet therapy continues for life. As the symptoms of celiac disease increase, cortisone treatment continues. Patients should not consume more or less gluten during the diet.

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Can Women Diagnosed with Celiac Disease Smoke?

If women fighting celiac disease follow their regular diet programs, there is no harm in smoking. However, it is dangerous for women who do not follow the diet list to consume cigarettes. Women who want to smoke must have a strong immune system. Thanks to probiotic foods and kefir, the immune system can be kept strong. Therefore, patients who consume these foods can smoke in a controlled manner. Of course, cigarettes are among the harmful products for health. But women diagnosed with celiac disease can smoke by paying attention to the diet list.

As a result, there is no harm in smoking for people with celiac disease, but these people should definitely consult their doctor before smoking. Otherwise, unexpected health problems may occur.

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