Who Can Take a Home Celiac Test? 5 Minute Celiac Test at Home

A home celiac test is done with a drop of blood and results in 5 minutes. A biopsy is required for definitive diagnosis.

Home Celiac Test

Home Celiac Test Gives Results in 5 Minutes

Celiac patients cannot consume barley, rye, oats and wheat. If they consume these foods, stomach and intestinal problems occur. People who think they may have celiac disease can apply the celiac test at home, which gives results in 5 minutes. If the test is negative, patients are recommended a celiac diet.

For a home celiac test, a drop of blood is taken from the finger. It is left in the tube containing the liquid. It is ensured that the blood and the liquid in the tube are in good contact. The liquid mixed in the tube and darkened by the blood is dropped into the chamber above the test kit. Wait for 4-5 minutes. If the test kit has two lines on it, celiac disease in which the blood has IgA antibodies occurs. For definitive diagnosis and treatment, the patient must consult a doctor. If the result is negative, it means you don’t have celiac disease. However, if the person’s digestive system complaints continue, it should be examined in more detail.

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Home Celiac Test Is 97 Percent Accurate

The home celiac test, which is sold in pharmacies, is 97 percent accurate. This screening test checks for antibodies in patients’ damaged tissues. It is a reliable and sensitive test. The information this test gives is very valuable because it prevents people from having unnecessary biopsies. According to the results of this test, a gluten-free diet is started.

Celiac disease manifests in different ways. Complaints such as abdominal swelling, vitamin deficiency, growth retardation, and nutritional deficiency are among the most important symptoms of celiac disease. Celiac can be diagnosed when middle-aged people come to the hospital with signs of weakness. In children, if there are complaints such as iron deficiency, growth retardation, weight loss, diarrhea, a celiac test should be performed. If this test is negative, different studies can be done.

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Celiac disease is among the most common diseases such as diabetes, anemia, infertility, Down syndrome and thyroid disease. For this reason, it is necessary to do a celiac test at home. Who can do a home celiac test? Anyone with signs of illness can test at home.

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